Eden Mills Writers Festival: Hot Nights Cool Poets

In partnership with The League of Canadian Poets, a night of poetry …

Friday August 29, 2020. 8:00pm EST

In Australia, Saturday August 29, 10:00am AEST

“Heartbreak, hope, memory, body, trauma, motherhood, mayhem, love, self, queerness, oppression, resilience, addiction and…cephalopods. Grab your favourite beverage, pull up a chair and listen to a selection of the most dynamic Canadian voices in poetry to be published this year. ”

See the full event, and Register HERE

Authors presenting:

Cicely Belle BlainSadiqa de MeijerMathew Henderson, Julie Joosten, Canisia Lubrin, Randy Lundy, A. F. Moritz, Tyler Pennock, Rasiqra RevulvaKevin SpenstJohn Steffler, and Lily Wang.

Psst, click on the names, that’ll bring you to the books they’re reading from 😉

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