Winnipeg International Writers Festival: Thin Air 2020 Virtual Festival

Starting September 20, 2020 … Ok – this is all kinds of cool:

In a little over a week, the THIN AIR 2020 Virtual writers festival will open. It’s going to be an ONLINE collection of awesome readings, conversations, and other things where many authors get to showcase their works:

“In just over a week, we will activate our brand new THIN AIR 2020 festival site, dedicated to showing off over 80 writers and their new books. Now that the folks at Bloom + Brilliance are putting the finishing touches on this massive project, we’re beginning to upload the wide-ranging content our featured writers are submitting. Besides readings from their featured books, we’ve received neighbourhood walks, slide shows, songs, and a cooking demo. This new site is a book lover’s dream, and we hope readers from around the world will discover the incredible books and writers we’re featuring this year.”

Click here to learn more

And … click here to register as an audience member

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