Knowledge Speaks, Flip the Script!

Summer Symposium Series, Curated and Hosted by Safeword.arts

Saturday, September 11th, 3pm EDT / 12 PDT

“safeword welcomes artistic leaders from across the country to speak in the three-part Flip the Script! Summer Symposium Series. Each event will focus on different elements of storytelling that venture beyond assumptive, colonial paradigms and amplify practices that liberate the artistry of dramatic creation. All three events are FREE to attend and will be live streamed on our YouTube channel with a live chat for audience engagement.”

“Going beyond the supremacy of the written word, four Indigenous artists come together in the circle to have a conversation about the stories that live and breathe in their bodies, memories, and dreams.”

Guest speakers for this event will be: Jennifer Alicia, Pesch Nepoose, Tyler Pennock and Brenda Wastasecoot.

Check out safeword.arts facebook page here:

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