National Poetry Month: Intimacy

From the League of Canadian Poets:

“This National Poetry Month, we invite you to celebrate with the theme of INTIMACY.

We crave it. We fear it. We are ready to build walls against it and dive headfirst into its open arms. Intimacy is the closeness we feel with those who love us, given freely through warm hugs or tender passions. Its a shared laugh or glance between strangers, a moment of comfort in an anonymous world. Intimacy is a-la-carte: romantic, platonic, aromantic, familial, spiritual: order up what you need, and intimacy will take you there. Let’s get intimate with poetry this April for National Poetry Month 2022.”

League of Canadian Poets

Check out the many ways LCP is celebrating National Poetry Month this year, and take part. Also, head on over to take a look at the poetry blog on intimacy:

NPM Blog: On Intimacy

We are thrilled to share the return of the NPM Blog On Intimacy, which will feature articles and poetry by: Penn Kemp, David Delisca, Hasan Namir, Tyler Pennock, Charlie Petch, Rob Taylor, FeFe Toussaint, Johnny D. Trinh, Yilin Wang and Jennifer Wenn. Look out for their articles and Poetry Pause appearances throughout the month or visit

Keep the conversation going past April 30. Share your love of poetry.

@CanadianPoets, @onanankkwaap

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