FRIDAY, APRIL 17 | 4:30 PM PST (7:30 EST) Vancouver Art Gallery REGISTER HERE New to Zoom? Learn how to register and attend a webinar here » STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. STAY CONNECTED WITH OUR NEW SERIES OF ONLINE GATHERINGS, ART CONNECTS! In response to the temporary closure of the exhibition spaces due to the current global health... Continue Reading →

Live Webinar Reading: Indigenous Brilliance

Friday April 17th at 4:30 PST: Vancouver Gallery Art Connects and Indigenous Brilliance have partnered to organize a webinar live reading! A Zoom webinar featuring three poets, co-facilitated by Stephanie Bokenfohr and Melissa Lee, will air on Friday April 17th, at 4:30pm PST (7:30 pm EST). Authors' Bios are listed below 🙂 Past Webinars by... Continue Reading →

Tipaacimowinan: A New Story!

Poetry is about more than just the words. This is my post about how poems are so very much more than the words we choose to show. You only get half the message when you read poetry. You need to listen to it, or see it. Read More here ...

The Indigenous Brilliance Reading Series

A reading series by Room Magazine Check out another Indigenous-focused reading series, held in Vancouver. The very cool thing about this reading series that I like is that they "raise the voices of Indigenous women, Two Spirit and queer writers" - and there's not enough of this! "Stories hold the incredible power to heal wounds, connect... Continue Reading →

BONES Launch Postponed

Due to social distancing measures (that will likely continue until July in Toronto), we've decided to postpone the launch for bones. But here's the good news... First, the book is available for order at brick books, Indigo, and the usual suspects ... And more importantly - we are in discussions to hold the launch at... Continue Reading →

Tyler Pennock at the Poetry Party

Concrete & River shared a poem of mine, along with some personal insights I had about writing it - poetry party is their way of helping poets through the COVID-19 difficulties, when their launches have been cancelled. Tyler Pennock writes: This poem is the opening to Bones - and is a part that took me quite some time... Continue Reading →

Stephen Burt: Why People Need Poetry

Why poetry? I'll be honest - I'd like to let someone else answer that. I'm not the expert. But really, it's because I'm trying to finish my second book before the end of April. please, check this ted talk out... About Stephen: In his influential poetry criticism, Stephen Burt links the contemporary with Stephen... Continue Reading →

April is National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month So, as the title reads - April is National Poetry Month! Poetry is beautiful, lovely, inspiring, life-altering, causes you to re-view the world, and a way to see yourself in the wider world. To me, poetry is a place where you give space, breath, and time equal consideration to whatever words you... Continue Reading →

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